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I am often asked for a list of books that I've mentioned on the podcast or just what space books I recommend in general. Well, it took me about five years to finally get around to putting this list together, but here you go. Note that this is sort of a separate thing from my sources list, which is still being assembled. Most of my sources are NASA documents like press kits, mission reports, and oral histories, along with contemporary newspaper and magazine articles. So while books are in the sources list, they tend to get drowned out by all the other sources. This page is just dedicated to books that you might find enjoyable or useful for research. I plan on adding some brief descriptions of these books, and maybe separating out biographies from histories and such, but rather than delay even further, here's just a naked list.

Space History Books

Recommended by Listeners (but I haven't read yet)

Fictional Space Books (these aren't sources, I just like them)

Non-Space Books JP Likes

Wait, These Aren't Even Books Anymore